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by Ray Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Customer Testimonies

Ray has done stone work for us at 3 different homes over the past 32 years. His attention to detail and creativity is the hallmark of his work.

The photo at the right shows Ray working on our patio. The original solid concrete patio was unlevel and cracked and had water and debris pooling at spots when it rained. Ray releveled everything and was very meticulous to make sure the water would flow properly.

Over the years, he has built us two stone patios, walkways, several retaining walls, benches, 2 fireplaces, fire pit and a stone front porch with stone columns. They are all beautiful pieces of functional artwork. We would definitely recommend Ray Hall to anyone wanting quality stonework at a reasonable price.
- Peggy and Ron Cline

There is a 12' x 20' private courtyard off the back of my loft in Inman Park. When I first moved in, this courtyard was an uneven slab of cement that turned into two big puddles each time it rained. I hired a contractor who was recommended by friends to lay a stone patio and raised flower bed in the courtyard, and to level the surface in the process. He didn't have a portfolio because this isn't his full time occupation, but he had built some stone walls for friends and was much more enthusiastic and creative that the more experienced contractors I received estimates from. Unfortunately, several weeks into the job, and hundreds of dollars later, I realized he was in way over his head and couldn't get the patio leveled.
So much for enthusiastic and creative. Mid-way through the job, I had to stop the work and let him go. I wasted a lot of time, energy and money through this whole process.

Then my neighbor recommended Ray Hall. I had come across Ray's website when I was first looking for contractors, but assumed he would be too expensive. To my surprise, Ray's pricing was competitive and his work was above average. He is the consumate professional and a gem to work with. More than anything, he's one of those unique contractors that is highly skilled and has a great eye for design. This job was as much of an art project for him as it was stonework. Within a week, Ray had my patio finished and I couldn't be happier. The stones are beautiful, the design is creative and special, the water drains beautifully, and I got to know Ray in the process. I highly recommend Ray if you are considering any stone work, and am happy to talk with you if you would like more information. Please contact Ray with your information.

Good luck with your project! I hope you learn from my experience and hire the best up front.

Kind regards,
Thana Sakas


Ray sitting on planter wall he built.

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